I’m Bálint from Datamindly and will be using the information you provided to create a mini e-commercial audit for you, and you’ll have the chance to discover what data have in store.

I don’t yet know exactly what your reading will reveal, but I can tell you that it will reveal important truth that you have been seeking the fact.

Let’s have a look at what you can expect.


If there’s a piece of important advice to give you will give it, if there’s a business of interest or an encounter on the horizon will tell you about that too. And if there is any significant event that is about to take place in your digital business will make you aware of that as well and give you the tools to get the most out of it.

I only ask you to read this with an open mind, follow the solutions I come up with and make the most out of this opportunity.

Usually, it takes us 72 hours to provide a free data-driven audit. We gonna contact you via e-mail when it’s ready to read. In the meanwhile, you can contact me on balint@datamindly.com.

We’re here at Datamindly look forward to working with you.


One of the most popular services of Datamindly is to conduct a fully customized Data-driven Growth Plan.

The outcome of the mini e-commercial audit is a 12-month step by step execution plan.

data-driven Growth Plan

data-driven Growth plan by Datamindly

Accomplishing a Data-driven Growth Plan consumes one month from our dedicated research & analytics team. The service fee is EUR 15 000.

These paying projects allow our team to inspire, teach and execute data-driven growth for free.


We are fully committed to creating lasting value for people in the digital economy by sharing current knowledge, technologies, and relationships we have.

To inspire businesses for leveraging data-driven digital marketing, we provide quick e-commercial audits for free.