E-commerce Audit & Feasibility Study

1. Executive Summary
1. Executive Summary
1. Core Analysis
A. Core Technology Analysis


Product/Service Portfolio, Core Technology, and Design review
from the customer point of view.


B. Core Competency Analysis Skills, capabilities, and personal network analysis attached to
a data-driven framework
for growth execution.
C. Core Value Analysis


Value proposition status articulated to customers, to partners, and stakeholders.


2. Digital Health Test
2. Digital Health Test
1 SEO Analysis


Accessibility: How easily search engines can find, crawl and read information about you.



Relevancy: How relevant is your content for the search terms.



Authority: How much customer traffic and online shares do you own.


2 Social Media Performance Audit


How your social media channels are performing and how to maximize them.


3 User experience Analysis


Where and how customer navigate your websites and Apps.

4 Communication Funnel Analysis How to convert prospects into leads and turning them into sales.
3. Action Plan
3. Action Plan




Data-Flow Setup
Data source, data structure
and information flow.

Digital Ecosystem Setup
All websites, events, and media architect
in data-driven structure.
Communication Funnel Setup
Data-driven funnel communication setup for converting prospect to leads and sales.




Competency map
In-house and outsourced skills, capabilities, and personal network to achieve goals.

Data-driven processes

Scalable and repeatable growth processes.





Customer review

Customer segmentation based on triggers and customer behavior analysis.

Competition review

USP and distinguish value distribution plan ranking the competition.

Content review

Data-driven content production plan for high conversion.