Adatvezlrekt online bevételnövekedéseket tervezünk és hajtunk végre.

b2c, b2b, és e-kereskedelmi ügyfeleknek szerte a Világon.

Adatvezérelt Növekedési terv

A Szolgáltatás

Mit várhatsz el egy adatvezérelt online növekedési tervtől?

1. Rész. Online Audit

of your current web presence is a detailed and personalized interpretation of webdata visualized in a structured and visualized way.

2. Rész. Megvalósíthatósági Terv

is where we turn your data into actionable knowledge providing scheduled execution plan for twelve-month.

Adatvezérelt online növekedést inspirálunk, tanítunk és megvalósítunk.

if you want to be inspired by learning what hidden data tell about your website, we offer you a mini-e-commercial audit for free.

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Ügyfelek mondják

Bálint has strong experience and the knowledge to lead others toward solutions and to manage hte resources and decisions entrusted to him equtably and responsibly.

This work has been a major factor in our business success helpin it to become one of the company’s three Wrorld-wide service centers


We have been consistently impressed by the consultant and their approach towards their work and their performance on the job


We are very satisfied with the final results we achieved.



We are highly satisfied with the successful work and the outcome of our relationship



The team presented a stable and reliable professionalism during our collaboration